There are some words that have dominated the verbal lexicon of TV channels over the last few days , after the Ayodhya Verdict was delivered. Atleast the ones I have been watching , namely NDTV and CNN IBN. “Peace” is one of them. “Compromise” another. “Reconciliation” of course takes the cake. There are other words or phrases that also keep coming up , for instance “India Stands United” , which I suppose was like the tagline  of the program ,which was following the Ayodhya Developments on the 30th on NDTV , and hosted by , who else , but , Ms. Barkha “I –love –the –sound-of-my-own- voice- a little –too-much” Dutt. And then ofcourse , catch phrases like “It is not about Mandir or Masjid” , were also thrown in for good measure.  And ofcourse “India has moved on “ , is my favorite one of all. Ms. “I love my voice” ‘s program was the most interesting to watch of all. And to my good fortune , I watched it for about 6 hours straight. Yes , it was an off day , and yes , I had nothing else to do , and yes , I don’t have a life.. But since , we already know that , allow me to talk about a few things that I observed and have reflected upon.

It was quite interesting as I said . Ms Dutt , had appointed herself , the keeper of peace and  goodwill between the two communities . Peace , she wanted , and Peace she would keep . So no dissenting voices were allowed much airtime. People who were using words of the day , were only allowed any decent airtime. And ofcourse the words of the day , were , “Compromise” , “Beauty” , “Aman” , and ofcourse “Moving on” . And all of the people who were using these phrases were also cooing about , how mature the common man had become . “Lookey here “, they said , “ How kids grow up . They are not fighting anymore” . The most happy of all was Ms. Dutt . She was sooo happy , that the common man was showing restraint . All through , she suffered from the delusion that , one slip of phrase from her , or any one of the panel members , or one strong dissenting voice , and that’s it ,- there would be riots all over again , and oh my God , Indian would burn and how!!! So , she told herself , I shall be for ,like , peace , today , and make sure everyone in the panel , is of course also saying “ All izz well” , and then there wont be any riots. Responsible journalism , you see.  And she was as happy as a mother would be , when she sees her kids grow up and do adult things , when the common man was not rioting. That this attitude , was elitist , and that ensuring people only say , “All izz well” , is not the complete job description of a journalist , somehow escaped her. And also , that , even to riot or not to riot , people don’t watch her program and decide.

Now to the verdict itself. It has ofcourse , been hailed by many , as showing judicial courage and imagination. Some have , ofcourse , called it a Panchayati style settlement, but in general it has been welcomed. I suppose , it appeals to a certain romantic notion of India , Mandir and Masjid together.  Look at us , we can all say , Hindus and Muslims , praying together , side by side. United , multi cultural India , you see. We smuggle idols into mosques when we want , we demolish mosques , when the passion takes us , but then , hey , we also give one third of the land  to the party , whose land it originally was , to pray on. Get on with the program will you , India has moved on. I fail to understand , how it is the judiciary’s business to strike this compromise. But , anyways , the compromise , is the least of the problems in this verdict, and perhaps even a wise thing to do. There are other problems with the verdict, and some of them , I believe , have some long standing implications for the future.

, The court deciding , that this was the place Ram was born , or in other words , deciding that this land indeed was RamJanmaBhoomi. And this was done based solely on the “Faith” of the Hindus. In fact , one of the judges says so. There were ruins of a temple that were found beneath the mosque yes. But to decide , that this under the dome , where the idols are placed ,  was the exact place , where Ram was born , I suppose , calls for a mind boggling and categorical  evidence. And to my knowledge , there is non such . And if it had been the ruling would have unequivocally stated that. But then hey, who cares about evidence , as long as there is faith to lean upon , right.  So , the courts now have started deciding on questions of faith . So essentially , it is like saying , that the majority has a certain faith . Since , they are the majority , they must be right . Hence , the faith of the majority is right . And hence , we rule , in favor of the majority. And ofcourse , we are generous , and hence , we shall also ensure , the minority gets something. Pat us on the back , anyone?

It is a strange atmosphere that has been created after the verdict. Any body who dissents is a hawk and does not want peace. That he/she might genuinely disagree with verdict is somehow not seen. And if anybody disagrees , it is like , “Oh my God , you don’t want to move on? No compromise ? You bloody hawk” . There are questions being asked like , “What wrong with Mandir and Masjid together?” . And if you try to point out the flaws in the verdict , you do not want to move on , you are still “old India” .   The BJP is the happiest of all. It can tell it’s constituents , “See, we got you the mandir we promised . Even the courts said so.” , yet be all peace loving , just to show they have moved on.  They can , ofcourse afford to be , after all one third of the land that was never yours to begin with is not a bad bargain. One should see some of the party’s proponents on TV.  “Why cant we move on and let the past be past ?” , they ask. Yet it is quite ironic , that these men and women , who now are , talking about forgetting the past , were avenging an alleged grievance , done 500 years ago , when they demolished the mosque. And this judgment , has in a way , legitimized that movement. Way to  go judges.

I think I shall establish a religion. My God will be a guy , who has a bladder disorder. I ardently believe that , all the rivers in the country , are due to him .No wonder they stink eh? I shall find followers , and if I manage to get the majority as  followers of my God , we shall file a case asking to be given rights over all the rivers of the country. After all , being in a majority group , and “believing” in something seems to be enough in this country , even for the courts.


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  1. Don’t you think your “whose land it originally was” premise a little bit thin? The land is the issue and it was invaded, be it 500 yrs or 5000 yrs. You have a proof that it was invaded and also the proof that who lived there earlier. So why don’t you hand over the land to the descendants of those who lived 500 yrs before. Time and length of time doesn’t really matter sometimes.

  2. @ panini
    I disagree. If we go by that, none of the current landowners are legal.
    That is the sticky part with faith … we find all the possible however illogical logic to rule us when faith comes in place.

    What was done in Babri was wrong. And barbaric. Despite of whatever the courts say today. We cannot justify it by placing blame on 500 year old obscure history.

  3. Diwakar just read your post. I followed the entire programme too. Can’t agree with you more when you say that a crminal offence has been legitimised by this decision. As a Hindu, I sometimes wonder which God , leave alone Ram (and by the way he is just a fictional construct) will like to live in a place which has seen so much bloodshed. The Ayodhya we know today was only named Ayodhya by the Gupta Kings when they made this city their capital as they wanted to allude to the grand ‘Ramrajya’ of the past.

    Interestingly again, the Mandir and ‘Ram Chabootra’ co existed before independence, quite harmoniously. Why then is it so difficult to return to the status quo before 1949?. That’s impossible, because egos are at stake. It is really not as simple as constructing a mandir or a masjid there. People never had a problem to begin with, atleast not in Ayodhya. Remember, the truckloads of rioters who broke down the Masjid were actually ferried by BJP, VHP etc, from outside Ayodhya. India has to move away from the entire politisisation of the issue.

    When India chooses to be silent it’s not because it believes in its judiciary ( lawlessness prevails anyway), or because it waits eagerly for this momentous decision. More than the decision, people worry about its repurcussions on their lives.
    Personally, I feel that the muslim community has been wronged and state should make all efforts to repose their trust in the judiciary and in Indian nation state itself.

    Have also penned down my thoughts on Ayodhya. Do read it when you get time.

  4. @verdant reflections…thank you for the thoughtful comment…have read your post on ayodhya and commented there..gud one..

    • First things first. Sorry for the goof up! However, it was nice to come across your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad that you liked my piece. Waiting to read more of your writings. Keep posting.

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