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It is a Dog Eat Cow World….

  These seem to be times of disdain for politics and the political class in general.  As a country , we seem to hate our politicians.

   It got me thinking. So , why do we hate our politicians so much? There are a lot of reasons – they are corrupt , all they care about is power , they are generally apathetic towards the plight of the people ..the list goes on.  

    But , put in the simplest of terms , it is perhaps because , they definitely have the power to get things done for the good of the country and they do not seem to possess the desire to do so.

   We , the people , on the other hand , would love to get things done , yet , we do not possess the power to do so. 

   Something like the graphic below. 



So , the politicians , are like , well ..canines and we are like the cows that keep getting milked.

But , then wait a minute . Power in a democracy , is not merely the ability to make or change laws. It is also about the ability to make or change the law makers , i.e the politicians.

So , in a democracy , if you are aware of your rights , and how things work , then you do have power . While , it is not the same as the power to make laws , it is power nevertheless.

But then , in order to be able to understand and exercise this power , you need  awareness and you need a certain amount of education , not the formal kind , but the kind that tells you what your rights are and so forth. Most of us , the urban educated middle class , perhaps fall into this category. We certainly are aware and we are educated. And hence , actually speaking , we do have power.

But then again , there are people , who  are neither aware nor educated. Yeah , those guys do not realize their power. But they do wish , their life got better. So , perhaps , we need to revisit the graphic. 



But , then again , we have power and desire. Politicians have power alone. Granted , we have a different kind of power , but it is power nevertheless. So , why do we not  make our politicians do our bidding. By us , I mean , the “urban” , “aware” , “progressive”  middle class.

Well , the truth is , only some amongst us are trying to do that. They realize their power , and they are manifesting their desire to change stuff. They are not succeeding yet. The RTI activists , the anti-corruption crusaders , some good politicos and civil servants , a few good men and women basically. The stars amongst us. 

The rest of us well , we are not doing anything about our desire. Which , perhaps , is the same thing as having no desire at all. Something like this. 



So , what is happening? Look who we have for company , in the lower right quadrant. We are aware , we are informed , we have desire , yet we do not manifest it into something concrete. Are we any different then , from the politicians?

               All of us need not be activists. No , all of us cannot be. But am sure , all of us can , at some level try to find an expression for the desire to change stuff that is within us.  Honestly , am as much a dog as the other person ,and hopefully I shall soon find my expression.

                Why? May be because , in a democracy , more often than not , the people end up getting the politicians they deserve. 



For whatever you may accuse Race 2 of lacking.., you cannot accuse it of lacking two – a certain clarity of vision and two- an almost anxious ambition. The movie is very clear ,of what it wants to be and is eager , earnest and at times desperate in it’s pursuit of this goal. It starts out ambitious , trying to be better than it’s ideal ..then as time goes on, starts falling behind in the race…and by the finish line , it becomes a distant also ran. It somehow reminded me of one of those races between Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna in the earlier Race. The younger brother loses here too. But then unlike Akshay , full marks for earnestness . And yes , this younger brother is  much more stylish and much better looking. So what if he has lost the race , he still looks cool.

                The director duo , man , do they love themselves some Race!!!  They were very clear throughout as to what they were making. They were going to make another Race. So , they decide to retain many of the elements of the earlier movie , that seemed to have worked for it. A convoluted plot , a bearded Saif Ali Khan , a “trying hard to be funny” Anil Kapoor . Some elements , while retained look different – the bimbo – Amisha Patel for Sameera Reddy .. a “lat lag gayi” for “touch me touch me”. Some elements they seek to add – models masquerading as actors- guess who. But note that no elements have been replaced or removed.  We still have bomb blasts  stunning locales and gyrating hot bodies. But somehow , the overall effect is , well , kind of a let-down. The movie tries to ape the earlier movie so much , that it ends up botching it up. All that happens is you are constantly reminded of the earlier Race. So , it is like a younger sibling , failing to meet up to the expectations of their parents like the elder one did.

               But then , the younger one looks more handsome and dresses much better. That needs to be said of the movie. Except for Anil Kapoor and Amisha Patel , the main four actors , look good. The leading ladies are hot. The men look good. Bodies are either chiselled or toned. The locales are even better than the earlier Race. If one were to watch the movie frame by individual frame , one could be forgiven for thinking that , they were shoots for  some magazine cover or a shoot for some ad. Because the actors , behave less like actors and more like models. The women don’t walk , they sashay. The men don’t walk either , they swagger. Everybody wears expensive clothes , drives expensive cars and lives in expensive houses and ofcourse throw expensive parties. Except for the fact that , they are criminals , this I guess , is high society.

             There is a plot , ofcourse. It is convoluted. And unnecessarily so. The directors try so hard to surprise us with the “twists” in the plot , that you get annoyed at times. And they don’t exactly turn out to be twists either.

               The characters are dull. Each character in the earlier movie , was interesting , had a part of their own to play in the story and played it well. Here somehow the treatment of the characters makes you feel , that there is a lot that is missing.

Saif Ali Khan , “Is race ka sabse purana khiladi” ,  is bearded yet again and is decent and adequate.

John “Stone” Abraham , looks like a model and acts like a moron.

Anil Kapoor , has nothing else in life going on for him. In Race , he had entertained , here – he annoys.

And the ladies – Oo La La …not Amisha Patel ..the other two. They are hot , they dance well and they don’t act. And I am not complaining.

All in all , not as good and as interesting as the earlier Race. But , to be fair, a decent watch.

So , if you don’t mind watching good looking people on screen in some stunning locales , set amidst a lukewarm plot , go ahead – it is not bad a way to pass the evening.

3 out of 5.



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