It is a Dog Eat Cow World….

  These seem to be times of disdain for politics and the political class in general.  As a country , we seem to hate our politicians.

   It got me thinking. So , why do we hate our politicians so much? There are a lot of reasons – they are corrupt , all they care about is power , they are generally apathetic towards the plight of the people ..the list goes on.  

    But , put in the simplest of terms , it is perhaps because , they definitely have the power to get things done for the good of the country and they do not seem to possess the desire to do so.

   We , the people , on the other hand , would love to get things done , yet , we do not possess the power to do so. 

   Something like the graphic below. 



So , the politicians , are like , well ..canines and we are like the cows that keep getting milked.

But , then wait a minute . Power in a democracy , is not merely the ability to make or change laws. It is also about the ability to make or change the law makers , i.e the politicians.

So , in a democracy , if you are aware of your rights , and how things work , then you do have power . While , it is not the same as the power to make laws , it is power nevertheless.

But then , in order to be able to understand and exercise this power , you need  awareness and you need a certain amount of education , not the formal kind , but the kind that tells you what your rights are and so forth. Most of us , the urban educated middle class , perhaps fall into this category. We certainly are aware and we are educated. And hence , actually speaking , we do have power.

But then again , there are people , who  are neither aware nor educated. Yeah , those guys do not realize their power. But they do wish , their life got better. So , perhaps , we need to revisit the graphic. 



But , then again , we have power and desire. Politicians have power alone. Granted , we have a different kind of power , but it is power nevertheless. So , why do we not  make our politicians do our bidding. By us , I mean , the “urban” , “aware” , “progressive”  middle class.

Well , the truth is , only some amongst us are trying to do that. They realize their power , and they are manifesting their desire to change stuff. They are not succeeding yet. The RTI activists , the anti-corruption crusaders , some good politicos and civil servants , a few good men and women basically. The stars amongst us. 

The rest of us well , we are not doing anything about our desire. Which , perhaps , is the same thing as having no desire at all. Something like this. 



So , what is happening? Look who we have for company , in the lower right quadrant. We are aware , we are informed , we have desire , yet we do not manifest it into something concrete. Are we any different then , from the politicians?

               All of us need not be activists. No , all of us cannot be. But am sure , all of us can , at some level try to find an expression for the desire to change stuff that is within us.  Honestly , am as much a dog as the other person ,and hopefully I shall soon find my expression.

                Why? May be because , in a democracy , more often than not , the people end up getting the politicians they deserve. 


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  1. happy to see you writing again after a long time…hope you will continue to educate and entetrtain us…:)

  2. Hi ,

    I saw your blog and I would like to talk to you about it. Could you please share your contact..

    Thanks and good luck,

  3. Keep Guessing

    Democracy is a mechanism that makes sure we are governed by no better than we deserve

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